Commenting Guidelines .

This is for challenge 4.

1 . I lovee getting comments to see others peoples opinions (:  that makes me think that people from other countrys read my blog (:

2. if you are a first commenter on my page i will automatically approve it because i dont leave anything behind .

3. Maybe if  you leave like your email or something wheir  can get your blog i will reply back to your comment as soon as i can (:

3. Although some people might not like what i write i can take anybodys critism very well (:

If you whier to visit Nevada .

This post is for challenge # 3 of the student blogging challenge .

If you where to visit Nevada , i would hardly recommend you come down and visit Las vegas . Sin City For short, this city of one of the most popular city’s in the world because its known for all the Casinos (: I also recommend You come because there are plenty of stuff to do . Especially if you are an adult . Their are some places for kids ; for example the Circus Circus Casino , their is a Adventure dome which is very fun . Its Full of exciting Rides and more . Its not such a quiet city because no one likes a boring place to go ? Am i Right ? (:

Sin City ;

Post for 1st Challenge

This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge.

You should come visit my site to read and figure out all the interesting about me and whats going on with me and my life . Also Because i might post DRAMA thats going on .  && Everybody loves a juice strory .  Am i wrong or am i Right ? Im right (:  Another reason is because i might post interesting News , Facts , Etc .  I Like to be creative about my blogs  so everytime you Or anobody comes to my page i promise you that you wont get Bored . Only Excited .  I like To write about whats going on In my Life alot for the simple fact that in my opinion i Always have Drama Going on . Theirs not one day when i dont (: This Drama is the Kind that will get you going . So i guess your gonna be seeing and reading alot about Whats Really going on with me .