Commenting Guidelines .

This is for challenge 4.

1 . I lovee getting comments to see others peoples opinions (:  that makes me think that people from other countrys read my blog (:

2. if you are a first commenter on my page i will automatically approve it because i dont leave anything behind .

3. Maybe if  you leave like your email or something wheir  can get your blog i will reply back to your comment as soon as i can (:

3. Although some people might not like what i write i can take anybodys critism very well (:

2 thoughts on “Commenting Guidelines .

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  2. G’day Roxie,
    Are you getting visitors to your blog leaving comments?

    Also have you been visiting other student blogs to leave comments? Otherwise only your classmates know about your blog.

    If you want me to know that you have written a post for the challenge, you need to include a link back to That way I will probably add you in a post I call ‘Visit these’ where I recommend others come to read your blog post.

    Remember at least 15 links in your blogroll, not all from your class ready for the game next week. If possible, 10 comments visible in the ‘Recent Comments’ widget.

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